Flawless course of your business event

In the middle of the historic Woestynegoed we provide the best environment for all your corporate events. The typical U-shaped farm is – despite its central location – miles away from the urban noise. You can reach us in less than a 30 minutes drive from Ghent or Bruges. We have a large parking suited for 150 cars. 

Woestyne cherishes its history, but also provides an infrastructure that meets the highest expectations. We offer multi-purpose rooms from 10 to 400 guests with top-notch audiovisual equipment (projector, audio and conference calls). You choose a room based on your needs and Woestyne guarantees the smooth progress of your event.

For example, our room Namib is fully equipped with internet access, built-in microphones and various multimedia screens to optimize the visibility of your conference call.

Course of your event

  1. Once you have contacted us, we will make an appointment with you so you can visit the location and we can meet you personally with a delicious cup of coffee. We'll go through all your needs, possible room arrangements, the course of your party and help you choose a catering service. On this basis, we make a clear offer.
  2. A month before the event, we define your choices in a detailed order form and make clear agreements.
  3. In the run up to the event, you can always contact us for information or adjustments and clarifications.
  4. One week ahead, we go through all the details and we choose the seating arrangement and other arrangements.
  5. We ensure a smooth course of your event so you can fully enjoy it together with your guests.


Features of our Banquet and meeting room

  Hall 1: Sahara Hall 2: Namib Hall 3: Kalahari Hall 4: Negev
Number of guests: Walking dinner 350 guests 200 guests 200 guests -
Number of guests: U-vorm 80 guests 60 guests 50 guests 25 guests
Number of guests: Dinner 220 guests 100 guests 100 guests -
Number of guests: Auditorium arrangement 250 guests 150 guests 100 guests 30 guests
Possible to combine with: Hall 2, 3 & 4 Hall 1, 3 & 4 Hall 1, 2 & 4 Hall 2 & 3
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